Clive Sutton Accepts Bitcoin!

You can now buy any one of our cars with Cryptocurrency.

Clive Sutton has always remained at the forefront of the Automotive industry, being key innovative player in the market. We aim to make our customer journey as straightforward and accessible as possible, which is why we are now offering our customers the ability to purchase a car through Bitcoin.

What is Cryptocurrency?

It is a type of digital or virtual money. It serves as ordinary money, such as dollars, pounds, euros, yen, etc. But it has no physical counterparts - banknotes or coins that can be carried around, that is, the cryptocurrency exists only in electronic form. Bitcoin was launched a decade ago and there are numerous other cryptocurrencies which are also well established. There are over 3 million digital wallets in the UK alone, a digital wallet is where crypto currency is held.

How does it work?

Browse our inventory, where more than 40 cars are typically stocked. Once you have settled on the car you would like to purchase, contact our sales team, and we will carry out the same checks as if you were applying to purchase with finance. You will pay Auto Coin Cars in Bitcoin, who then pay us. Its the same as buying a normal car, just pay with BTC!