​The Reborn Legend.

For car enthusiasts, few names hold the same weight as Shelby Cobra. This legendary roadster, synonymous with power and elegance, dominated the racing scene in the 1960s, becoming an icon of American muscle. But for decades, acquiring an original Cobra required searching the collector's market or constructing a continuation car from scratch. That all changed with the arrival of the Shelby Cobra CSX10000.

Built for Clive Sutton in the UK, the CSX10000 breathes new life into the Cobra legacy. Its low-slung body with its curvaceous fenders and distinctive hood bulge stays true to the original design. But beneath this timeless design lies a modern heart. Powering the CSX10000 is the renowned Ford 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine, the same one found in the latest generation Mustang. This naturally-aspirated powerhouse delivers a respectable 460 horsepower, enough to propel the lightweight CSX10000 with exhilarating force.

For those who crave an even more thrilling experience, Clive Sutton offers a supercharger option that takes the CSX10000 to a whole new level. With 700 raging horsepower unleashed, the car transforms into a fire-breathing monster. This immense power is channeled through a smooth-shifting 6-speed Tremec manual transmission, putting you in complete control of the driving experience.

Speaking of the exterior, the CSX10000 stays true to the iconic Shelby Cobra silhouette. The low-slung body features curvaceous fenders that hug the wheels, a design element instantly recognizable to any car enthusiast. The distinctive hood bulge, a hallmark of the Cobra, is also present, albeit with a more subtle and modern execution compared to some earlier Cobras.

While the overall design is a homage to the past, some exterior elements boast a modern touch. The most noticeable difference is the size of the wheels. The CSX10000 features 18-inch wheels designed to resemble the original Cobra's 15-inchers, wrapped in high-performance Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. Wilwood power-assisted brakes provide ample stopping power to match the car's increased capabilities.

Inside, the Shelby Cobra CSX10000's interior successfully bridges the gap between eras, offering the luxurious touches and comfort expected from a modern car while maintaining a connection to the Cobra's racing heritage through the classic-inspired gauges and driver-focused design. At the same time, it indulges the driver and passenger with luxurious diamond-stitched leather upholstery.

Acknowledging the desire for personalization among owners, Clive Sutton offers the option to choose the colour and stitching for the diamond-stitched leather seats. This bespoke level of customization ensures that each CSX10000 becomes a unique reflection of its owner's personality.

Furthermore, each CSX10000 is officially recognised by Shelby and will be recorded in the Shelby Cobra Registry. This adds prestige to ownership and helps maintain the car's value as a genuine Cobra, distinguishing it from replicas.

Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licencing: “Our founder, Carroll Shelby would be impressed with this latest evolution of his original Cobra that he first created in 1962 after he won Le Mans as a driver in 1959, then turned to his dream of designing and building his own special world-beating sports car. He retired as a Le Mans-winning driver due to a heart condition that required him to pop nitro-glycerine tablets to keep his heart going to the finish line.

“Bringing this Shelby turnkey car to the UK with our retailer Clive Sutton is a special moment for Shelby. It’s a fitting reminder to the world that Shelby is the original, genuine designer, builder, and Manufacturer of Record for the Shelby Cobra, which won the 1965 FIA World Manufacturers’ Championship while beating Ferrari for the first time in the FIA GT class.”

Clive Sutton, founder and CEO: “It is an immense honour to be the first market globally to receive the Shelby Cobra CSX10000. As an officially recognised and licensed Shelby Cobra, the car will provide a strong investment opportunity alongside its spine-tingling performance and retro styling.”

In summary, the CSX10000 Cobras represent a faithful continuation of the Shelby Cobra legacy, infused with modern technology and performance enhancements. Clive Sutton, with its extensive experience in vehicle customization and high-performance cars, provides the expertise and services to elevate these Cobras to new levels of individuality and excellence, ensuring that the spirit of Carroll Shelby's creation continues to thrive in the contemporary automotive world.

To learn more about the latest Cobra or any other model in the Shelby American lineup, contact the Sutton team at +44 (0) 207 483 6500 or visit www.clivesutton.co.uk.