Clive Sutton: Superformance Official Dealer

Continuation Shelby Cobras and GT40

Clive Sutton is now an official dealer for Superformance, a distributor of complete rolling continuations from the sixties like the Shelby Cobra.

The History of Superformance

Superformance is a distributor for complete “Rolling Chassis” replica and continuation race cars from the 1960’s.  The company that has evolved significantly over the last 30 years and has a long-standing build contract with Hi-Tec Automotive, the world’s largest specialist car production facility in South Africa Superformance specialise in the distribution of factory manufactured, continuation and reproductions which boasts more than 4000 satisfied customers around the world, manufacturing new builds and continuations. We are proud to announce that we are now official dealers of Superformance cars here in the UK.​​

Ford vs Ferrari

Interestingly, Superformance cars are featured prominently in the 2019 film 'Ford vs Ferrari' along with some serious racing action - it's worth a watch! The actual ’60s Ford racing cars are worth huge amounts of money so these were not used in the film. Instead, replicas were used, but very accurate replicas indeed. Many of the cars in the film were built by Superformance. The replica carmaker is the only company in the world licensed by Shelby to build the Ford GT40 and Shelby Cobras.

Superformance build two types of this icon:

  1. Period-correct continuation Shelby Cobras numbered in the Shelby register
  2. Superformance branded MKII & MKIII modern replicas

The period-correct Shelby Cobras are the CSX6000 & CSX8000 - these cars are built to the original specification with period-correct technology - the same iconic big-block engine, the same chassis, the same power, the same look and feel. These cars appear in official Shelby register as continuation cars, with their model names prepended by CSX. The CSX8000 is a MKII Continuation and the CSX60000 is a MKIII Continuation

The Superformance models take on more of a contemporary design to be driven more regularly. Built on the same MkII and Mk III body shells These have a wider choice of drivetrains including fuel injected engines, a modern braking system, power steering and include 18" wheels as opposed to the original 15" wheels. They are can also be built in RHD.

Superformance models are the only Replicas on the market that are Authorised, Endorsed and Licensed by Shelby Licensing. As Stated by Carrol Shelby himself "Fact is, soon as it's less than a real Cobra, not built by me, it's counterfeit. There’s an exception when it comes to Jimmy Price and Lance Stander. Superformance International makes replica Cobra in South Africa and calls the two-seat roadster they build the MKIII. It's still not a true Shelby, but I've endorsed and licensed the car for being as close to correct and well-built as possible. I can't say the same for others."

Superformance Build Restomods, Essentially...

The period correct Superformance replicas are the only replicas on the market whose body shells are authorised, endorsed, and licensed by Shelby Licensing.

The original bodies were built in aluminium whereas Superformance build the bodies in fibre glass. You also have to consider that purchasing an original Shelby Cobra is double the price. But if you’re looking for a modern Continuation version with better handling and performance, then choosing a Superformance model is the best choice.

Super Performance, Modern Handling & Iconic Design

Unlike most of their competitors, the Superformance MKII Slab Side is built on the successful Tojeiro-styled round tube chassis and features an authentic transverse leaf spring suspension to give owners an exceptionally authentic driving experience.

The Superformance MKIII is not equipped with a big block engine, but instead, it’s a stroker motor (small block) with a 427cu 7L V8 engine, so the vehicle handles a lot better as is much lighter overall and well-suited for racing. The MKII Slab Side, the MKIII & the MKIII-R are the latest products in the Superformance  line-up. There are many options to configure and build your own.. Many are supplied as a “turnkey minus” rolling body leaving the distributor/ owner to choose and install the power train.

As a UK Official Superformance dealer we have decided to import complete turnkey vehicles supplied by Superformance to our specification - the MKII, MKIII, & MKIII-R Our imported Continuations are equipped with engines by ROUSH Performance fuel injected engines

The MKII harnesses a 347cu engine (5.7 litre) built by ROUSH and is fuel injected with a 5-speed Tremec transmission and Power Steering. The MKIII & MKIII-R are equipped with 427cu (7.0 Litre) fuel injected Ford engines built by ROUSH with modern 5-speed manual Tremec transmissions and Power Steering. The cars we commission from Superformance will be available exclusively in RHD.

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The GT40 by Superformance

Superformance also builds a range of new build GT40s including GT40 Mk 1, GT40 MK11, MK40R  GT40 50th Anniversary and Future 40.

A quality re-creation of the original that beat Ferrari and finished in the top three positions during the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966. While developing the exhilarating GT40 continuation, engineers went to great lengths to ensure authenticity. So authentic, that we can legally use the name “GT40”. The GT40 also carries the GT40/P chassis number and is eligible for the official GT40 registry.

The GT40 continuation is built to exacting standards - in fact over two thirds of the rolling chassis’ parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the 'monocoque" style chassis.

The Superformance GT40 also boasts a pressed steel roof and beautifully finished body available in wide body (1968) and extra wide body (1969) configurations as well as both right- and left-hand drive.

Superformance GT40s are built for the street and feature air conditioning standard just like the original GT40 streetcar P/1028. These can now be ordered directly from Clive Sutton.

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The Shelby Daytona Coupe by Superformance

The first and only American made car to win the World Manufacturer’s Championship for Grand Touring race cars, the Daytona Coupe transformed American road racing. Originally referred to as the ‘Daytona Car’ the coupe officially earned its name which being built for the Daytona race. You can order a new build Daytona Coupe from Superformance combining innovations of the past, technology from the future and captivating style to deliver a new generation of classic muscle.

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Discover the MKII Slab Slide


We have a MKII Slab Slide in Wimbledon White with Red Leather interior in build at present for the UK market in right hand drive​.

The MKII Slab Side is a sanctioned continuation of the original Shelby Cobra 289 that first appeared in 1962. The power from a 289 is considered a sweet spot and very useable. This authentic design is a proven race winner and demands respect. Loyal to the original lines and proper nostalgic characteristics of the 1962 American race winning Cobra FIA, this car is a perfect mate for heart-racing 289 motor and a more modern Tremec TKO transmission.

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Discover the MKIII


We have a MKIII in Blue with White Stripe. In build now in Right Hand Drive for the UK market

The original MKIII harnessed a wider body with wider wings and wheel arches, side exiting exhaust pipes, and a 427cu 7L engine with a much heavier cast iron Big Block V8.

The Superformance MKIII is the only replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. What makes the MKIII so much better than its competitors? It looks like an exact replica should. It is sure-footed, reliable and is as exciting as the great sport roadsters of the sixties. Each rolling chassis comes completely assembled and painted, less engine and transmission.

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Discover the MKIII-R

We have a MKIII-R in the signature colours, for a more contemporary look, that is currently in build in right hand drive for the UK market
The Superformance MKIII-R is what you get when you take an Old-School Classic and infuse a bit of modern-day flair. The MKIII-R retains much of its original shape and wheelbase but gets its bold and aggressive look with the addition of integrated "Scalloped" Fenders and Hood. Black Mesh Side and Fender Vents also add aero to the overall grittier appearance. To ensure a complete, aesthetic, and functional package, the MKIII-R also comes with a beefy rear diffuser and body-contour matching Front Splitter.
In the Interior, we have added custom French stitched seats with body colour accented thread. The Transmission tunnel is also adorned with leather as well. On the Dash, it is equipped with the new Superformance Electronic Gauges. The MKIII-R standard equipment features: Power Steering, LED Headlights, & 18" Wheel

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