Clive Sutton Unveils the Ultimate in Luxury Travel with the VIP Class Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.​

London-based high-end vehicle specialist Clive Sutton has once again pushed the boundaries of luxury with the introduction of the 2024 VIP Class edition Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This ultra-luxurious conversion redefines the concept of VIP transportation, offering unparalleled comfort and sophistication for those who demand the absolute pinnacle of refinement.

Unveiling Luxury in Every Detail

As the electric sliding door unveils the VIP Class Sprinter, one is immediately immersed in a realm of unparalleled luxury. Clive Sutton's dedication to exceptional comfort is evident in the meticulously crafted, leather-clad aircraft-style seats. These seats, fully reclining with optional footrests, cultivate an ambiance of sheer pleasure. The dual 40-inch 4K screens, complemented by on-board fridges, cup holders, and retractable tables, cater to both entertainment and convenience, elevating every journey into an immersive experience.

Cutting-Edge Entertainment and Amenities

In an era where technology defines the modern travel experience, the VIP Class Sprinter is at the forefront of innovation. The surround sound cinema audio system envelopes passengers in an auditory cocoon of luxury, while the on-board WiFi network ensures seamless connectivity. Dual 40-inch 4K screens offer a window into a world of entertainment, and the inclusion of USB-C ports, standard three-prong plugs, and wireless charging stations cater to the multifaceted needs of contemporary travelers.

​Exterior Elegance​

While the interior captivates with luxury, the exterior maintains an aura of executive elegance. A custom grille, 20-inch wheels, and a refined black exterior finish strike a balance between sophistication and understated elegance. This discreet yet distinguished exterior design aligns seamlessly with the VIP Class Sprinter's commitment to providing a super-discreet mode of travel for those who value both luxury and privacy.

Bespoke Features and Personalization

Priced from £180,000 plus VAT, the VIP Class Sprinter is fully customizable to meet individual preferences. Owners can choose from a range of optional extras, including a washroom with a hand basin and flushing toilet, panoramic glass roof, mood lighting, heated seats, and high-powered air conditioning. The extended wheelbase version even offers a triple-section panoramic glass roof for those seeking a more open-air experience.

Founder and CEO, Clive Sutton, emphasizes, "Our customers demand the absolute pinnacle of luxury, refinement, comfort, and practicality." The VIP Class Sprinter delivers on these demands, offering a discreet and luxurious mode of transport.

Beyond the Drive

In the 2024 VIP Class Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Clive Sutton has not only reimagined luxury travel but has shaped a testament to the fusion of artistry and engineering. Every facet, from the bespoke interior to the cutting-edge technology and discreet exterior, contributes to the vehicle's status as an icon in opulent travel.

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