Let’s get one thing out of the way, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is good, really good. The radical new 2020 car looks and drives like a supercar and is in all honesty, a performance bargain.

Where you can buy it:
Clive Sutton Ltd, London.
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LHD from Q3 2020 . RHD TBA
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Corvette C8 2020As they say, out with the old and in with the new. But every now and again, ‘new’ is a total reinvention. Here is one of America’s most iconic sports cars, reimagined, reinvented & restyled – the Corvette C8. Just some of the differences from its predecessor, the C7, include its alloy wheels, air intakes, and other styling cues.

But let’s forget about its predecessor [...]

2020 Shelby GT500 Speed
Loaded with race-proven Ford Performance technology, enhanced aerodynamics, and huge amounts of power; at the wheel you’d be putting 760 horsepower to the ground.
  • Prices: Starting at £120,000
  • Where you can buy it: Clive Sutton Ltd, London.
  • When you can buy it: Now available!
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Step back to 1967 when one of the first, most significant redesigns of the Ford Mustang took place, back when Carroll Shelby launches the original and revolutionary Shelby GT500. Shelby had taken the concept of a Ford Mustang and transformed it into the aggressive race-ready-looking grand touring muscle car we know today. He was an artist, and arguably a genius, too.

Those badass looks made the GT500 the ultimate Mustang – capable yet civilised enough to be driven daily. Word spread like wildfire about the latest and greatest Shelby car, and soon, ownership was coveted by [...]

Bugatti released a glass-roof version of the Chiron, Sky View. Unfortunately, this version does not come with a removable top. Instead, there is a fixed glass panel for each individual seat. Despite the fact that they are fixed, this version offers additional 2.7-cm headroom.

According to Bugatti, these glass panels are a laminated structure with four layers. Thus, they provide a quiet journey and, thanks to the tinted glass, infrared radiation is eliminated.

Sky View is available for new Bugatti Chiron orders. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding a retro-fit for the existing version.

Overall, Sky View offers a better interior atmosphere for longer journeys without any sacrifice of speed or acceleration. We highly recommend that our clients order the Bugatti Chiron with Sky View for a better driving experience.

Audi recently revealed the Q8, a coupe SUV. Despite the coupe name, the Q8 offers a five-seat layout with four doors. The Q8 combines the elegant look of a coupe with the practicality of an SUV.

The Q8 is a direct competitor for the BMW X6, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, the Range Rover Sport, the Porsche Cayenne and the Maserati Levante. Although the sport SUV market is saturated with extravagant styling, the Q8 offers a unique design experience with optional 22-inch wheels.

The engine range starts with a 3-lt V6 diesel (badged 50 TDI) which produces 282-bhp. The Quattro all-wheel drive is rear-biased, and coupled with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It offers 0–62mph in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 144mph. There is a mild-hybrid system that uses a lithium-ion battery and a belt alternator starter, to give engine-off coasting between 34 and 99mph.

The Audi Q8 offers driving assistance systems – adaptive cruise [...]

Blockchain Technology Porsche

Blockchain technology is weaving its way through various businesses. Porsche is the first car company to implement blockchain technology for their vehicles.

What is blockchain technology? Without getting into the technical details too much, it is a distributed ledger of transactions verified by independent third parties with everything being encrypted. Basically, it is a log of events that everyone can see to determine what has happened in the past. In other words, with blockchain, you can easily access the history of a second-hand car and see every single detail of its life.

Porsche is implementing blockchain technology to transfer data more quickly and securely, and to give its customers more peace of mind in the future. This will be the case whether they are charging, parking, or need to give a third [...]

Mercedes-Benz recently revealed a new vehicle on the market, the X-Class. Aside from the G 6 The X-Class is a premium pick-up based on the Nissan Navara and was introduced as part of the Mercedes-Benz family. Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have been working together since April 2010 as the automotive industry is becoming more competitive and brands need new models. Partnerships are becoming the new normal for the car industry.

The X-Class is the first vehicle Mercedes-Benz created as a result of this alliance. Despite the Nissan factor in the X-Class, the Navara is robust and reliable. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz preferred this platform for a new vehicle.

The other question is, why a Mercedes-Benz pickup? We can clearly see that Mercedes-Benz realised that there was a gap in the premium pickup market globally. Despite the existence of American pickup trucks, there are a very limited number of premium pickup vehicles that can be purchased under a luxury [...]

Ferrari SUV in Red
2018 started with a big surprise from Ferrari. Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne, said that the Ferrari SUV would be on the market sooner than we expected. It will be ready by 2019 and it will be the fastest SUV of its type. Marchionne even created a new name for the Ferrari SUV, the Ferrari Utility Vehicle (FUV).

Until the Ferrari SUV arrives, the fastest SUV will be the Lamborghini Urus that offers a 641hp twin-turbo V8 engine, and is capable of reaching 62mph in 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 190mph. Beating this is more likely to be Ferrari’s real target, whether they see it as a competitor or not.

This plan will outrage Ferrari fans and will create a massive shockwave. However, FCA, the group that owns Ferrari, is looking forward to [...]

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is over. It was packed with electric cars, a number of SUVs and extreme supercars. We have already shared photos from the show, and you can also view them at the end of this article. It is no wonder that 2018 was the year of electric cars coming of age. No longer can Tesla own this space exclusively as full electric power becomes a mainstream niche!

Also, we can’t ignore the plug-in hybrids. Audi, Jaguar, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Porsche and Ssangyong all featured their electric and plug-in hybrid cars this year.

One of the most eye-catching electric car was the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept. Even though Porsche recently stated that the 911 would not house a full electric drive train, we can see what they can do with the rest of the range.

The Bugatti Chiron was the most powerful car in the show, and Bugatti revealed a new [...]

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