Aston Martin Rapide

Clive Sutton Market Price from £95,000 (2010 car, 6,000 miles)


What is it?

An Aston Martin DB9 with a pair of rear doors and four sumptuous seats. Not content with letting Porsche have the four-door supercar niche all to itself, the Rapide is Aston’s answer. And very beautiful it is too – especially sat alongside the more visually challenging Panamera.

Who buys it?

The Rapide is pitched a few notches higher than the sub-£100,000 Panamera Turbo, at £149,000, which takes it into Bentley Continental Flying Spur territory. It’s a sleek looking car, make no mistake, but it also has a large footprint, at over five metres long and two metres wide. And whilst the rear seats will accommodate adults, the space back there is nothing like as commodious as a Panamera or Flying Spur. That leaves a slight question mark as to this car’s raison d’être.

Nonetheless, people who occasionally have to carry adults or children in the rear seats can use the Rapide as intended – as a more versatile DB9 which retains all the visual and aural appeal of a V12-engined Aston Martin. Buyers often have something more practical in the garage for full-on family duties too – making the Rapide a perfect weekend getaway car.

What is the model range like?

The Rapide arrived in 2010 and currently the range consists of just one version, with a Ford-developed 5.9-litre 470bhp V12 and six-speed paddle-shift automatic.

A wonderfully mellifluous soundtrack gives the big Aston an undeniable sense of occasion – particularly above 3,800rpm when the exhaust valves open for a more vocal V12 bark. Another reason the Rapide feels so special is the fantastic cabin, which shares much of its architecture with the DB9, along with a beautifully judged combination of hides, veneers and control surfaces. Winged rear seats and frameless doors also lend it a concept car-like ambience, which adds to the experience – this is a special car.

What were the key developments in its lifetime?

A Rapide Luxe edition appeared in late 2010, which added a number of aesthetic and equipment upgrades over the standard car – as well as hiking the price to a heady £157,000. The main differences are rear-seat entertainment, 20 inch polished wheels and a bespoke six-piece leather luggage set, which matches the interior hide colour.

Which model do you recommend?

Rapide sales have been anything but rapid. This means there are actually relatively few around on the used market compared to some of the car’s competitors. However, find a 2010 car with under 10,000 miles at £90,000 and it presents a much more special opportunity than a new Panamera Turbo.

What colours and trims do you recommend?

Lightening Silver shows off the Rapide’s stunning profile to great effect. Onyx Black, in combination with a light-coloured hide and piano black trim, also makes for an attractive combination which is resale friendly. Dark metallic red/ maroon is one to avoid though.

What should I avoid?

Cars with multiple owners early on in their lives, or prestige hire companies showing on the logbook, will need to be valued accordingly and treated with caution.

Summer 2012 Market Report values update

In common with other Aston Martins, Rapides tend to cover more miles per year than the average supercar. Early 2010 cars are now showing over 6,000 miles and even year-old models will have around 3,000 miles on the clock.

2010 cars are realistically priced, though. I say they should retails for around £95,000: traders try to get a little more, but not much. Such a level means you pay more than one-third less for a car that’s still rare and still turns heads: however, tempting as this is, I’d actually advise buyers to choose a 2011 car instead. Despite some market optimism, the CS Market Price for this is £100,000, exactly one-third less than a brand new one. This really is a bargain for those seeking an eye-catching four-door coupe.

Things to look out for

  • The additional luggage set is a great finishing touch – standard on the Luxe but otherwise optional
  • Reversing camera – the Rapide is a long car, so this is a desirable option
  • Watch out for kerb rash on the wheels of city-bound examples.