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MID-ENGINED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 66 YEARS The new model takes the ‘Vette into traditional Italian mid-engine super-car territory but with entry level 495 hp, which is anticipated to land circa £80,000 here in the UK. Clive Sutton has been actively importing Corvettes for over 20 years. Originally, the sole London distributor for GM Chevrolet, Corvette and Cadillac we continue to bring in the latest models. We supply all new Corvettes with a 3-year warranty and full EU homologation. We have secured some early build slots so talk to us about getting your position reserved for what is undoubtedly the most anticipated new mid-engined super-car for 2020. To register your interest or place an order click here. 60MPH IN LESS THAN THREE SECONDS If you’re a Corvette fan, you’ll know the current C7 ZR1 hits the 60-mph mark in 2.8 seconds. That means, at least in a short sprint, the new base-model C8 runs side-by-side with the most powerful factory-built ‘Vette of them all. DISTINCTLY CORVETTE The new mid-engine layout gives the Corvette a completely fresh greenhouse with a pair of digital displays for the instrument cluster and infotainment system. The wraparound a [...]
GO FULL THROTTLE WITH THE MOST POWERFUL GT500 YET Featuring the most powerful production Ford engine delivering 760 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque. That’s more horsepower and torque than any other production V-8. Clive Sutton is the UK’s official Shelby American distributor and we expect the new GT500 to be the hottest new American Muscle car to date. To register your interest or place an order click here NEW FRONT FASCIA The development of this new snake has been wrapped around the superior GT350 platform. Hence the older-style headlights. And, you know what? We’re totally okay with that -- because this new front fascia looks sinister! TRACK INSPIRED Ford have they outdone themselves again with the unveil of this car featuring a slew of awesome track-inspired features and a supercharged cross-plane crank 5.2L V8 derived from the GT350, tweaked and upgraded for big power. INCREASED AIRFLOW Six heat exchangers providing cooling for the engine, [...]
AN EXCLUSIVE, FIRST CLASS RIDE FROM SUTTON BESPOKE VEHICLES Sutton Bespoke have been building VIP conversions to Mercedes Benz vehicles for over 20 years.

Originally on the Viano and more recently based on the V class and Vito platforms, we offer either a limousine style package dividing the vehicles with a partition to create a rear passenger cabin and front cabin for drivers. Seating configurations in total from 4 to 7 persons. We can include several features including electric first-class seating, Mobile AV with 4K TV’s and surround sound, Apple TV, WIFI and PS4/Xbox. Trimming in a choice of leathers and Alcantara, Ambient lighting, mobile fridges, humidors.

We also offer luxury upgraded versions without the division and focus on core upgrades such as seating, AV system, and fridge for the corporate user. We are proud to introduce our latest VIP Class conversion built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. This features a 6-passenger rear cabin, twin 40” 4k Screens, onboard fridge drawers, and a coffee machine. Check out the full specification available today in the Sutton Sprinter VIP Class. To register your interest or place an order

Bugatti released a glass-roof version of the Chiron, Sky View. Unfortunately, this version does not come with a removable top. Instead, there is a fixed glass panel for each individual seat. Despite the fact that they are fixed, this version offers additional 2.7-cm headroom.

According to Bugatti, these glass panels are a laminated structure with four layers. Thus, they provide a quiet journey and, thanks to the tinted glass, infrared radiation is eliminated.

Sky View is available for new Bugatti Chiron orders. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding a retro-fit for the existing version.

Overall, Sky View offers a better interior atmosphere for longer journeys without any sacrifice of speed or acceleration. We highly recommend that our clients order the Bugatti Chiron with Sky View for a better driving experience.

Audi recently revealed the Q8, a coupe SUV. Despite the coupe name, the Q8 offers a five-seat layout with four doors. The Q8 combines the elegant look of a coupe with the practicality of an SUV.

The Q8 is a direct competitor for the BMW X6, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, the Range Rover Sport, the Porsche Cayenne and the Maserati Levante. Although the sport SUV market is saturated with extravagant styling, the Q8 offers a unique design experience with optional 22-inch wheels.

The engine range starts with a 3-lt V6 diesel (badged 50 TDI) which produces 282-bhp. The Quattro all-wheel drive is rear-biased, and coupled with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It offers 0–62mph in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 144mph. There is a mild-hybrid system that uses a lithium-ion battery and a belt alternator starter, to give engine-off coasting between 34 and 99mph.

The Audi Q8 offers driving assistance systems – adaptive cruise [...]

Blockchain Technology Porsche

Blockchain technology is weaving its way through various businesses. Porsche is the first car company to implement blockchain technology for their vehicles.

What is blockchain technology? Without getting into the technical details too much, it is a distributed ledger of transactions verified by independent third parties with everything being encrypted. Basically, it is a log of events that everyone can see to determine what has happened in the past. In other words, with blockchain, you can easily access the history of a second-hand car and see every single detail of its life.

Porsche is implementing blockchain technology to transfer data more quickly and securely, and to give its customers more peace of mind in the future. This will be the case whether they are charging, parking, or need to give a third [...]

Mercedes-Benz recently revealed a new vehicle on the market, the X-Class. Aside from the G 6 The X-Class is a premium pick-up based on the Nissan Navara and was introduced as part of the Mercedes-Benz family. Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have been working together since April 2010 as the automotive industry is becoming more competitive and brands need new models. Partnerships are becoming the new normal for the car industry.

The X-Class is the first vehicle Mercedes-Benz created as a result of this alliance. Despite the Nissan factor in the X-Class, the Navara is robust and reliable. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz preferred this platform for a new vehicle.

The other question is, why a Mercedes-Benz pickup? We can clearly see that Mercedes-Benz realised that there was a gap in the premium pickup market globally. Despite the existence of American pickup trucks, there are a very limited number of premium pickup vehicles that can be purchased under a luxury [...]

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