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Honda, the company founded in Japan in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, is a brand synonymous with innovative engineering. Soichiro’s excellence in standards of car-production quality and his almost Napoleon market takeovers proved to be a powerful concoction. Over the years, Honda was unabated by competition which saw it grow into one of the world’s largest car manufacturers in the world. During the 1970's, Honda became the world's largest motorbike maker.

In its more recent years, the company’s primary focus has been on improvements in fuel-efficiency and safety, leading to hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles such as the Honda CR-V and Honda Clarity FC-V, respectively. Although you might not recognise them on the road, Hondas are everywhere. The Jazz and Civic are very common due to their recognition for practicality and reliability.

Sportier models include the Honda Type R and the Honda Civic. Then there’s the Honda NSX – a super-sports car icon. It rivalled modern Ferraris and the Porsche 911. It was the most exciting vehicle to leave the Honda factory. Today, the new generation NSX is reborn as a ground-breaking hybrid supercar. We specialise in supplying quality pre-owned vehicles and you can rest assured that each Honda we have in stock is of the highest standard.