Sell Your Car

At Clive Sutton Ltd, we will carefully consider purchasing any luxury, performance or classic car. The vehicle must have a retail value of over £40,000.00 and be no older than 5 years with mileage not exceeding 50,000 miles.

The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted decisions that all business and individuals need to consider, and selling a vehicle is no different. A vehicle can be a large business expense and is said to be one of the largest personal expenses for us as individuals. We understand however that, now more than ever, many people will be looking for ways to free up money for personal use or for business cash flow. Selling your vehicle might be the best way to do just that.

Attempting to sell your car private normally has various challenges including; having strangers visiting your home/office, funding and security. Other avenues such as “We Buy Any Car” generally lowball you to feed the cars into auctions. Today there are obvious added challenges with COVID-19. You can rely on a respected name in the luxury car business to use our best endeavours to maximise returns selling your vehicles at the best real market price.

We offer a variety of ways you can sell your car to us such as a Brokerage Service, Part Exchange, Outright Purchase or Sale or Return. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. To comply within the government guidelines, we have developed a new process to maximise your return when selling your vehicle:

  1. Contact us to arrange a call and one of our specialist team will be in touch to discuss your vehicle and your requirements.
  2. We will return with a market report, providing analysis and industry insight on your vehicle and provide our advice on a realistic sales price.
  3. Once a sales strategy is agreed and we have a contract in place, we will send a mobile valet to clean your vehicle and send a photographer/videographer to take professional marketing images, all to be completed while keeping within the government’s guidelines.
  4. We then promote your vehicle amongst our inventory both online and in our proactive marketing.
  5. Your vehicle will remain in your possession until we have received a deposit on it and have the need to show it to an interested party.
  6. We offer the buyers all dealer facilities including finance, part-exchange and warranty.
  7. Any necessary preparation costs will be charged at trade cost to maximise your next return.
  8. We promote your vehicle on the best online sales and social media channels.
  9. We clear your finance obligations on completion of any sale.