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Bugatti is unlike any other manufacturer and competitor. Famously put, Ettore Bugatti did not design or build his cars, he ‘gave birth’ to them. The story of Bugatti is not one of a corporate giant, global manufacturing nor a model riddled with financial troubles. Simply put, Bugatti was built on the tale of a visionary and artist; a painter, sculptor and wood carver.

In the 1900’s, Bugatti took off and was an instant financial success. At the time, Bugatti’s design was seen as futuristic and technologically advanced. The cars were graced with a variety of engineering advances only a gifted craftsman could come up with. This lay the foundation for the future of Bugatti and what it is today.

In 2001, at the Frankfurt Motor show, Bugatti unveiled the 16.4 EB Veyron, a 16-cylinder engine car with a four-turbo engine. By 2005, production had begun, and the car received immense praise from the automotive media world-wide. This iconic car went on to establish itself as the fastest, most expensive production car in the world with a top speed of 253mph.

Today Bugatti supplies just a handful of models, from the Chiron, Chiron Sport, Pur Sport, Sport 110 Ans, Supersport 300+.