The Defender Is Back! Land Rover Release Defender Works V8

Photo Credit: Land Rover

The Defender is back! Land Rover recently released a new Defender, sort of! This is called the Defender Works V8. It is built as a limited edition that celebrates the Land Rover brand’s 70th anniversary and aims to recapture the market taken by the Defender customisers.

This is a limited edition run of 150 units based on selected low mileage used Defenders from 2012 to date.  It’s an interesting move to see that the factory decided to “restomode” used vehicles to build these.

According to Land Rover, the idea emerged in 2014 when LR was approaching the end of the Defender production. LR recognised the gap in the market and had designed this model much earlier. The decision to reveal the Works V8 is a bit tactical. The company wishes to keep the Defender brand alive, whilst Mercedes-Benz recently introduced the second-generation G-Wagon.

This is an extraordinary Defender Works V8. A V8 produces 400 HP and 515 Nm of torque, that’s three times more powerful than the 120 HP Defender engine. For the first time Defender is offered with a factory-fitted automatic gearbox. It is an eight-speed ZF auto with a ‘sport’ mode. To compensate for the performance improvement of the Works V8, the brakes and the drive train have been improved.

The Works V8 reaches 62mph in 5.6 secs and has a top speed of 106 mph. We seriously think that the top speed is limited due the Defender’s exterior design and handling. Otherwise, the Works V8 can easily be a serious competitor to the other V8 SUVs.

There are some improvements as well. Bi-LED headlights, leather interior, LR designed classical infotainment and navigation system are some of the nice touches to the Works V* that will turn this car into a real collector’s item.

The price starts from £150,000 and we predict that the future second-hand prices will be even higher.

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