Supercar Brokerage

Clive Sutton have been in this part of the car market for many years. We buy and sell physical vehicles/ forward order contracts and broker discreet and confidential deals between owners and buyers. On behalf of buyers, we carry out all necessary due diligence and physical inspections. We structure deals to provide safety and security.

Our network of owners and dealers acknowledge our discretion and professional approach to the Supercar market. We have agents in most global markets. With very limited edition vehicles we can often do deals with buyers and sellers in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We also have agents in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

We arrange international shipping by air and sea, assist with local registration and advise generally on the international supercar market. We stock a variety of American cars for sale. We can ensure that your vehicle is presented “off market “to interested parties and preserve your status with the car manufacturer as a VIP owner.

If you are buying or selling talk to us confidentially about your intended deal in this sports car market.

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