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The Defender is back! Land Rover recently released a new Defender, sort of! This is called the Defender Works V8. It is built as a limited edition that celebrates the Land Rover brand’s 70th anniversary and aims to recapture the market taken by the Defender customisers.

This is a limited edition run of 150 units based on selected low mileage used Defenders from 2012 to date.  It’s an interesting move to see that the factory decided to “restomode” used vehicles to build these.

According to Land Rover, the idea emerged in 2014 when LR was approaching the end of the Defender production. LR recognised the gap in the market and had designed this model much earlier. The decision to reveal the Works V8 is a bit tactical. The company wishes to keep the Defender brand alive, whilst Mercedes-Benz recently introduced the second-generation G-Wagon.

This is an extraordinary Defender Works V8. A V8 produces 400 [...]

Land Rover recently revealed the facelift version of the Range Rover with a tagline ‘Silent Luxury’. Some people might consider the existing Range Rover to be still brand new. However, it is five years since it was revealed. The timing of this facelift is perfect in terms of keeping up with the competition.

This time, Land Rover promoted the Range Rover with a unique slogan – Silent Luxury. This slogan emphasises the plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover that was the main focal point of the recent press day. In addition, Range Rover’s latest competitor, the Bentley Bentayga, still doesn’t offer a hybrid or an electric power train. Therefore, it does make sense for Land Rover to focus on its hybrid technology.

The new Range Rover offers a wide range of colours and features. The [...]

Range Rover Velar

Land Rover recently added a new model to the Range Rover product range, the Velar to fill the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. Before we start, the Velar name is derived from the original Range Rover prototype of 1969. Unlike the other Range Rover models, the Velar is designed in terms of the reductionism approach. This involves simplifying the design by removing all unnecessary elements.

Thanks to the new design approach, you can feel the luxury, both in the exterior and in the interior. The new design approach involves improved attention to detail and has created a new level of luxury design for the Range Rover products.

The new centre console of the Velar is totally new to the Range Rover family. The control buttons of the centre [...]

Sutton Range Rover

Pricing and Specifications

  • Comprehensive personalisation programme for latest Range Rover models
  • Upgrades include styling packs, performance tuning, exhausts and wheels
  • Available for all Range Rover Sport and Vogue models from 2013 onwards
  • Delivery of complete vehicle with subtle refinishing priced from £80,000 (OTR)
  • Refresh and upgrade your existing Range Rover (2013 onwards)

Clive Sutton has announced full pricing and specification details for the company’s tailor-made styling and performance-tuning packages for Range Rover models. Buyers can opt for a complete upgraded vehicle, or can purchase custom packages for their own car.

The entry-level Sutton Range Rover Sport, which includes the base vehicle with custom refinishing, colour-coding of bodywork, and a carbon fibre appearance package, starts from £80,000 (incl. VAT).

Custom paintwork incorporates refinished bumpers, side skirts, grille and vents in matching body colour. Alloy wheels are also removed [...]

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