Projects Description

Update: Newly launched 3D configurator to create and customise your own tuning programme

Sutton Mustang Performance and Tuning Programme

With over 25 years of experience of providing the UK’s American customer with tuning packages from Shelby, Roush, Hennessy, Saleen, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise and knowledge to create are very own package. We were the first company in the UK to supercharge the Ford GT in 2005, transforming the 500hp to a ‘mere’ 730Hp! Today we bring you our very own UK Mustang performance and tuning programme.

We offer UK buyers of the new Right Hand drive Mustang the option to upgrade the standard car into a true muscle car. Whilst the American obsession is with straight line performance and ¼ mile times and speeds, we know that UK and EU buyers are looking for dynamic performance upgrades including suspension, handling as well as more refined styling and performance.

mustange performance and tuning programme | 2016 mustang gt


Whip up a huge boost in horsepower and torque with the Whipple supercharger. Designed around a powerful 2.9 litre twin-screw supercharger, this street legal, under the hood blower kit delivers the biggest possible power gains from idle to red line. Up to 700 horse power from this installation. The heart and soul of the system, the Whipple twin-screw compressor, is by far the most advanced system available. Boasting a positive displacement design, The Whipple supercharger offers maximum low end torque with high efficiency and maximum top end horsepower. That means excellent drivability during your morning commute and heart stopping acceleration when you need to show the competition what’s up.

This supercharger is already at the heart of the leading American Mustang tuners. Whipple are supplying us with specific calibrations for the EU Mustangs. All of our installations are dyno tested and fully warrantied for 1 year. Optional Carbon Fibre intake tube and jack shaft housing.

Active Exhaust System

Our Active Exhaust system allows users to transform their ride through a flick of a custom mounted four position control switch. “Touring” mode allows drivers to be more discrete, switching the flow within the exhaust though muffler baffles and chambers to remove the energy from the exhaust gases, thus taming the system. “Track” mode truly alters the feel of the ride. The electronically controlled valves open to allow the most efficient flow path for the exhaust gases, which in turn increases the sound level and optimises gas flow. Better exhaust flow can add up to 25 horse power.

The system is infinitely tuneable when set to “Custom”. A wireless link to a phone or tablet allows the driver to set specific exhaust sound levels based on driving style or even geographical location of the car ensuring that you are always making the right impression wherever you are.

Sports Suspension

We have chosen to work with KW suspension. One of the worlds most respected Motorsport and specialised suspension manufacturers. Headquartered in Germany the suspension package for the Mustang features stainless steel struts, optimally adjusted, sporty and comfortable damping technology. Our system is individually height adjustable. The KW suspension also reduces weight particularly at the front of the car improving balance and in turn handling without compromising ride quality.

High Performance Alloy Wheels

Many tuners white label and rebrand alloy wheels. We are proud to have selected Vossen to supply their 20” Vossen wheels. Vossen is one of the leading American Wheel manufacturers with over 30 years’ experience in producing premium alloy wheels. For our Mustang programme we offer these wheels in factory silver, matt graphite or custom powder coated colours and finishes. Our show car has gloss black wheels. The Vossen wheel and tyre combination reduces the un-sprung mass by 4 kg per corner improving both acceleration and handling. The increased footprint of the tyres ensures a higher level of mechanical grip to further enhance performance.


We have selected Bridgestone who are dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of safety in all road and weather conditions, in all regions of the world and at all times of the year. Integrating state of the art tread designs and highly engineered rubber compounds, Bridgestone’s latest generation of tyres set new standards for grip, manoeuvrability and reliability, even in extreme conditions.



The factory UK cars already have the Brembo package which is optional in the US. We add a further option to fit slotted two piece front brake disc assembles which reduce unsprung weight and improve acceleration and handling. The discs are available either slotted or cross drilled to optimise heat transfer raising the capability of the braking system in keeping with the improve performance capabilities of the car.


External Carbon Fibre Aerodynamic system

Manufactured in the highest quality Carbon fibre we offer the package of front splitter, rear spoiler, rear deck panel and side splitters for a similar price to one Ferrari spoiler! In addition we offer a complete bonnet replacement in carbon fibre with integrated ram air central vent. Enhance the looks and the aerodynamics of your Mustang.

Internal Carbon Fibre Dash

We replace the aluminium dash with a tremendous curved carbon fibre 4 piece dash which transforms the interior.

Super Audio HIFI packages

For those who want to take the audio experience beyond the factory offering, we can tailor a sound system to suit your budget. We prefer to leave the factory head unit in place but offer a range of speaker upgrades and amplifier/crossover /speak packages. We also offer sound deadening insulation to enable the vehicle to retain more sound inside.