CS500 Black And Yellow Mustang

Job Description

This CS500 was a vehicle that we had intended to keep for stock, but when a customer saw what we had planned he was quick to put his name down. Based on a 2017 Ford Mustang fastback we added the CS500 power package to improve the throttle response, car performance and acoustics over the standard vehicle. This is achieved by adding an engine tune, cold air intake and Sutton Quad Exhaust system. We bonded a hood, side scooped and installed our carbon coated package to change the exteriors stance. The over the top twin racing stripes, combined with black emblem package follow the blacked out theme of the vehicle. Finally, we installed Sportline spring (lowered by 30mm) and added 20mm wheel spacers to the rears.

Projects Details

  • CS500 power package
  • Twin racing stripe
  • Carbon coated package
  • Sportline springs
  • Wheels spacers
  • Black emblem package