Dodge revealed the latest RAM at Detroit Motor Show

Dodge Ram 1500

Photo Credit: Dodge


At the recent Detroit Motor Show, Dodge revealed the latest RAM. This time Dodge has removed 102 kg, and have introduced an eTorque mild-hybrid system and 14-inch front brakes. The weight loss is achieved by the use of high-strength steel in the frame and the body. We are quite familiar with the use of high-strength steel in the case of European cars, but now the Americans are following this trend.

As the SUVs have been morphing into. the new MPVs, pickups are becoming the new SUVs, and we can clearly see this with the RAM’s recent improvements, from engine technology to driving assistance systems.

Starting with the bonnet, the RAM houses a 5.7-lt V8 Hemi that generates 395-HP and 555 Nm of torque. As the V8 Hemi is a petrol engine, we can’t get the high levels of torque as we can with a diesel engine. However, the new mild-hybrid system adds 176 Nm of additional torque to move this beast! Another European touch is the transmission in that the Dodge RAM couples the V8 Hemi with a 8-speed automatic gearbox and offers various four-wheel drive options.

When we focus on the details of the Dodge RAM 1500, we see more innovations. Starting with the air suspension that will improve both handling and comfort, both of which are quite essential for British roads. There is also the radar-guided cruise control with stop and go functions. In addition, we have more European touches, including parking aids and 360-degree cameras. And lastly, the RAM has a new aerodynamic design that achieves 0.357 coefficient of drag, which is same as the 2004 Ford Focus.

Overall, the Dodge RAM 1500 has introduced European touches from the FIAT Group. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class forced the market to focus on driving assistance systems, comfort and luxury. The RAM offers outstanding capabilities in terms of off-road capabilities. The recent upgrades will push the limits of the competition and also offer a great experience for drivers.

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