The Ford Mustang CS350 Power package is designed for car performance upgrades, including the 2.3L Ecoboost. The standard Ecoboost model has 313bhp. We have combined three elements to provide a responsible power upgrade. A cold air intake increases induction of external cold air into the engine. We combine this with our own UK manufactured sports exhaust with a mid-silencer delete achieved by the insertion of a custom “Y Pipe”.

With reduced exhaust back pressure, the engine is less restricted and has a sportier sound without being over intrusive. The third element is the installation of a central control module which allows for a new ECU remap to improve throttle responses and performance. Easily restored to OEM default settings if required. Our CS350 package brings the engine HP to around 350 A useful step up from standard at a reasonable cost. Within the package, we offer a quad active exhaust option as well.



Cold Air Intake

Remap ECU Module

Y pipe for Quad or Single Exhaust (2.3 Only)

Sutton Twin Exhaust
Upgrade options available

Installation and tuning set up with first tune configuration.

Pricing includes VAT and fitting