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New Range Rover

Land Rover recently revealed the facelift version of the Range Rover with a tagline ‘Silent Luxury’. Some people might consider the existing Range Rover to be still brand new. However, it is five years since it was revealed. The timing of this facelift is perfect in terms of keeping up with the competition.

This time, Land Rover promoted the Range Rover with a unique slogan – Silent Luxury. This slogan emphasises the plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover that was the main focal point of the recent press day. In addition, Range Rover’s latest competitor, the Bentley Bentayga, still doesn’t offer a hybrid or an electric power train. Therefore, it does make sense for Land Rover to focus on its hybrid technology.

The new Range Rover offers a wide range of colours and features. The exterior design is not dramatically changed from the existing version. However, the interior design has been extensively changed. The central console is now replaced with two large touch screens that are borrowed from the Range Rover Velar. The production quality is improved from the previous version as well. According to Land Rover, all touch screen are high definition displays.

Another revision for the Range Rover is the engine range. The Range Rover still offers V6, V8 petrol and diesel engines. However, the plug-in hybrid is placed at the top of the engine range. There is also now a 3.0 petrol previously not available in the UK market

With the new Range Rover, there are also some new exciting features. A new gesture control system enables the driver to control the sun blinds via hand gestures, similar to the BMW’s hand gesture system for its audio system. A cabin air ioniser is another new feature that sends nano-sized water particles to cleanse and purify air inside the cabin. A pixel-laser LED is the new headlight that uses both LED and laser technology for a better lighting experience. With the LED system, Range Rover can illuminate long distances without dazzling the oncoming traffic. The laser headlights offer very long-distance illumination.

The new Range Rover is definitely a strong response to the Bentley Bentayga. As the Bentayga captured a significant market share of the Range Rover, Land Rover had to offer a very competitive product to the market. Range Rover still offers one of the best off-road capabilities, although it falls behind in terms of the autonomous driving features. As the Bentayga inherited the autonomous driving features from the VW Group, there is still a technology and brand gap between the Range Rover and the Bentayga. For my money for a luxury SUV the Range Rover Vogue is the best choice in the market

Photo Credit // Land Rover

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