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It has been a long time coming, but finally the new Bentley Continental GT has been revealed Since it was revealed in the early 2000s, the Continental GT became the benchmark for the luxury GT market. The powerful W12 engine with its all-wheel drive were never seen before. Unlike many brands changing models and devaluing used values , the Continental GT still retains iconic timelessness that still makes it look new, despite more than a decade having passed. It’s German parentage has ensured rock solid reliability and thus retained the desirability of used examples. This could not be said for all pre-VW group era models

The average age of Bentkey owned dropped by over 15 years since the launch of the original model in 2003. That’s one of the key reasons why the Continental GT [...]

Bentley Continental GT

The new 2018 model

Bentley Continental GT 2018
The current Bentley Continental GT was revealed in 2003, based on the VW Phaeton platform. At that time, the Continental GT was a ground-breaking car with an all-wheel drive system, a W12 engine, and air suspension as some of the unique features. In 2003, the Continental GT was the only GT Coupe with such features. In addition, it was a new era for the Bentley, and the Continental GT grabbed the attention of a younger audience and dropped the average age of Bentley customers. The connection between the Phaeton and the Continental were more than just one of platform sharing. Many of the state of the art technologies of the Phaeton were transferred to the Continental.

Over the years, Bentley has introduced many different limited editions of the [...]

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