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The New Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe and S-Cabrio

The Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe and the S-Cabrio are the land yachts of the automotive industry. Successfully taking the previous CL model upmarket by using the S-class model brand for the large MB coupe and Cabrio. The attention to detail, the high quality wood, leather and pure steel used in their production creates a great harmony in terms of the interior design experience. Also, we can’t ignore the technological inheritance from the S-Class. The incorporate autonomous driving, connectivity, driving assistance systems and journeys in state-of-the-art comfort. The S-Class family can easily read the road and adjust the suspension to avoid any imperfections of the road being reflected within the interior.

Recently, the S-Class received a serious facelift and started to offer state-of-the-art technologies, and brand new engines under the hood. The facelift of the S-Class could not be postponed as the GT market is getting increasingly competitive. The segment leader is Bentley and they have just released the new Continental GT. This will undoubtedly be first choice in this sector. So the Mercedes has to be the smart cheaper second choice with the smaller engines or for those who understand the significance of the cost and power of the AMG S63 and S65 as the left field premium buy.
The actual engines and model numbers have been revised as follows:

Mercedes S-class Coupe models:
S 450 (362bhp 3.0 V6)
S 560 4MATIC (463bhp 4.0 V8)
AMG S63 4MATIC+ (604bhp 4.0 V8)
AMG S65 (621bhp 6.0 V12)

Mercedes S-class Cabriolet models:
S 560 (463bhp 4.0 V8)
AMG S63 (604bhp 4.0 V8)
AMG S65 (621bhp 6.0 V12)

The exterior design of the S-Coupe and S-Cabrio have not received any major changes, only revised bumpers, new internals for the headlights and a Panamericana grill for the AMG models. The interior have received minor touches as well. The dashboard is now a single piece glass with no gap between the panels.

Active Distance Control DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist now provide even more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of bends, junctions or roundabouts, for example (country-specific variations may occur in terms of the individual functions). For this purpose, for example, Active Distance Control DISTRONIC makes considerably greater use of map and navigation data than hitherto. MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension with curve tilting function was a world first in a standard-production car

Thanks to the latest improvements with regard to the S-Coupe and S-Cabrio, Mercedes-Benz is definitely a key player in the luxury GT market. Even though the Mercedes-Benz brand is not as prestigious as that of competitors such as Bentley and Ferrari, the product quality, design and the essence of luxury keeps the S-Class and the S-Cabrio solid competitors.

Photo Credit / Mercedes-Benz

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