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Aston Martin has now revealed the new Vantage

AM 6 | Atlanta | Aston Vantage September 2017 | Photo: Drew Gibson

AM 6 | Atlanta | Aston Vantage September 2017 | All Photos: Drew Gibson


The new Aston Martin Vantage has now been revealed. It was first introduced in 2005 to compete with the Porsche 911. Despite its best efforts, Vantage never managed to be the perfect substitute for the Porsche 911. However, the Vantage created its own fans! It also reintroduced V8 engines to the range where for many years V12s were standard engine configuration in Astons.

Being an entry level Aston Martin has never been a problem for the Vantage. It has had the Aston Martin DNA since the beginning, with an aggressive engine with unique exhaust notes and the iconic Aston Martin handling. Unlike other entry level sports car, the Vantage offered a proper Aston Martin experience. The addition of the V12 motor produced one of the most satisfying Aston’s to drive in years.

Now Aston Martin has revealed the brand-new Vantage. This time, Aston Martin created the Vantage without the Ford. Instead, we see a Mercedes-AMG 4-lt V8 engine with 510hp/685nm. This engine is also found in other AMG models.

However, Aston Martin revised the engine to match their performance criteria. The engine is coupled with a manual and an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Unlike other brands, Aston Martin has not killed the manual gearbox.

The new Aston Martin Vantage can reach 62-mph in 3.5-seconds, with a top speed of 195-mph. In addition to these performance figures, the Vantage is the first Aston Martin with an electric differential (100% locking) system, in addition to a braking-based torque vectoring system.

The interior of the Vantage is quite different from the traditional design language of the Aston Martin. The gearbox buttons are now placed in a circle and the glass effect has been removed from the interior. In addition, we can see edgy curves as never before inside the Aston Martin. Thanks to the Mercedes-AMG, you will find the same touch pad and infotainment systems inside the cabin.

Overall, the Vantage is a great New Aston Martin although hard to label as an entry level vehicle. The base price has jumped to 120k but the car has grown in stature too’ It is a different Aston Martin experience for people who are looking for a driver-focused experience.

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