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The New 2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln recently revealed the new 2018 Navigator in New York. The iconic large-SUV has been revised top to bottom to keep in the race, and also capture the market lost to the Cadillac Escalade. This time Lincoln has worked hard and designed an SUV that will not only compete with the Escalade, but also will be a strong rival to European brands in the US market.

The Navigator is made from high strength aluminium to save weight, improve efficiency, reduce the centre of gravity and improve the handling. The aluminium body is still built on a frame, but the use of aluminium has saved 200 pounds in weight.

Under the bonnet, the new Navigator houses the same engine you will find in a Ford F150 Raptor – a 3.5-lt Twin-Turbo EcoBoost V6 petrol engine. Despite being a V6, the EcoBoost produces 450 HP and 678 Nm of torque.

The EcoBoost V6 engine is connected to the Ford’s 10-speed automatic gearbox with a locking torque converter. The 10-speed automatic gearbox offers better efficiency, smoother and faster acceleration, and better gearshifts.

The exterior and the interior of the new Navigator are solid proof of the tough competition. The interior is now covered with high quality leather, and a minimalist design approach has been used to reduce the number of buttons to create a clean design. The infotainment system is now 12-inch, and offers Apple Car and Google Car Play connectivity.

The gear selector is totally removed from the centre console. Now they feature as individual aluminium buttons under the air vents. The interior improvements show us that the Navigator is heading for a European approach in terms of the interior design in order to improve the driver’s and the passengers’ experiences, and also offer a more premium interior.

For the first time, the Navigator offers 30-way adjustment for the driver and the front passenger seats. These new seats also offer massage, and have a heating and cooling function as well.

The three two seating setting is designed to accommodate large families for longer journeys in luxury. 10-inch screens at the first row are offered for the first row passenger. The large size of the Navigator benefits the passengers when it comes to a long journey, thanks to the greater leg room.

The instrument panel now features a full digital display, a digital light projection system for a head-up display, and a driving mode (off road driving) selector. These are all part of the technology offered with the Navigator.

The exterior design also has European touches. Sharper lines are smoothed, and the overall exterior design offers a more luxurious approach. The size of the SUV is hindered by the softer curve, and the reduced gap between the parts emphasises the luxury feeling.

Overall, the Navigator will be a strong player in the luxury large SUV market in the US. The short and long-wheel base options are available to satisfy different customer segments. In addition, the RWD is available to order, and Clive Sutton Cars can convert RWD vehicles into a right hand drive setting. The new Navigator will be available to order from June 2017 for US deliveries in September /October and EU delivery by November, 2018.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 2018 Lincoln Navigator 2018 Lincoln Navigator 2018 Lincoln Navigator

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