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What’s hot – August 2012

  • Ferrari 458 Spider


The brilliant Ferrari 458 Spider appeals because it is an open-top Ferrari with a folding hard top roof. It provides the best of both worlds which, for many city-dwelling owners, is of significant appeal – at last, they can have an open-top car yet still be confident it will be secure and safe from vandals.

A very strong market for 458 Italias means those lucky enough to have a slot on the waiting list for the 458 Spider find themselves in a very fortunate position indeed. Because there are plenty more people out there who are eager to get into one of these, and will pay for the privilege.

Price premium: £30,000-£60,000 over list price

  • Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador has proven to be an instant icon. It’s genuinely seen as the last super-V12 ‘non-green’ Lamborghini, the pinnacle of VW’s achievements with the Lamborghini brand. The German owners have done nothing to hinder the DNA or execution of the Italian brand: this could well prove to be the finest Lamborghini ever.

The factory has proven to have hopelessly underestimated demand, meaning there are far too few cars in the market. Add in the fact many are being exported, and there is a severe lack of used stock in the marketplace, which is keeping prices high.

Price premium: £30,000-£60,000 over list price

  • Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover simply can’t make enough of these. I hear the factory is now running around the clock to build Evoques, which will eventually help with supply – but right now, it’s THE SUV to be seen in, and people will pay way over list price in order to get into one.

Price premium: £3000-£8000 over list price

  • Range Rover Vogue Autobiography Ultimate

Despite being the most expensive Range Rover ever, the limited edition Ultimate has proven a brilliant success. Its colossal £130,000 list price is no barrier: some are willing to pay over even this to get into one. It’s a real lesson for Bentley, which is planning its own £150,000 super-luxury SUV…

Price premium: £5000-£10,000 over list price

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