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The New Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

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The G-Wagon is soon to be revealed. Mercedes-Benz first introduced the G-Wagon in 1979. Since then, there was no second generation of the G-Wagon. Instead, a continuous facelift was preferred. Therefore custom updates can bring a 1979-model into a 2017-model look with minor alternations in the exterior design.

Despite the retro-classic design, the G-Wagon was the most outdated Mercedes-Benz vehicle in their product range, and the engineers did not have an opportunity to apply the latest forms of driving assistance and semi-autonomous systems to the G-Wagon. In addition, the G-Wagon was designed during an era in which fuel efficiency was not the main concern. Therefore, the G-Wagon is not a very competitive in terms of fuel consumption vehicle when compared with the other luxury SUVs.

What was not anticipated was the super cool market position of the G63. This also formed the background to a number of tuning companies. This has given Mercedes Benz the confidence to introduce a new model. This time, it is a new vehicle from top to bottom. You will be experiencing the latest Mercedes-Benz driving assistance technologies, a more fuel efficient drivetrain, and semi-autonomous driving without any sacrifice of its off-road capabilities.

We will keep you updated with the latest news from Mercedes-Benz about the second generation G-Wagon. 

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