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The New Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino

A few days ago Ferrari revealed a new entry model to replace the aging California T. It is called the Ferrari Portofino. So why Portofino? Portofino is a small Italian fishing village with a picturesque harbour. Despite the fact that Portofino is a small quiet port in the Ligurian coast, it is a very upmarket and a destination stop for most luxury yachts in the region The Ferrari Portofino is a more exclusive name than the outgoing California

The California T was designed to offer an entry level Ferrari to reach a wider range of customers, and they achieved it. However, the California T wasn’t really considered to be a proper Ferrari. Even though the performance figures were really good, the California T never managed to break the ice with Ferrari fans.

This Ferrari Portofino successor has also seen a significant performance uplift that has surprised many enthusiasts and commentators.

The 3.9-lt V8 turbo engine produces 600 HP, while the new lightweight structure has reduced the weight. The acceleration from zero to 62 mph is only 3.5 seconds. Bear in mind that the Ferrari 458 Italia’s figure was 3.6 seconds! The Portofino is only 0.1 seconds slower, despite being named after a small and quiet village. And still houses a hard-top folding roof like in the previous model.

Portofino also offers the latest Ferrari technologies under the hood. A third generation differential E-diff3 is available, and was inherited from the Formula 1 cars. EPS, the electric steering wheel is also available! The other Ferrari model that houses the EPS is the recently launched 812 Superfast. The SCM-E suspension system is uprated, and offers better handling with improved ride comfort.

The aerodynamics have been improved and can be very easily seen from the press images. Unlike the previous model, the Portofino offers a more aggressive design combined with aerodynamic curves to increase the handling and the aerodynamic efficiency.

The interior of the Portofino takes us to a new dimension. Unlike the previous model which for most of its life had a Jeep sourced head unit, the Portofino offers the latest touch-screen multi gesture infotainment system. The climate controls are easier to use and offer better control. The seats are now designed for long journeys and can be adjusted 18 ways to achieve your perfect seating position. Twenty years ago, we would never have expected to see a Ferrari with an 18-way seat adjustment. According to Ferrari, the sound insulation of the Portofino has been improved. The interior noise is significantly reduced thanks to the new insulations, which turns the long journeys into a pleasure.

Overall, the Ferrari Portofino is a big step up from the California T. It is still an entry level Ferrari but it does offer the true Ferrari DNA, from engine to ride quality. The increase in power and the reduction in weight make the Portofino a proper Ferrari. The new aerodynamic and aggressive look are going to change perceptions and biases with regard to the entry level Ferrari image. We are expecting an increased demand for the Portofino and are looking forward to experiencing it. You can expect real car depreciation for the outgoing California model.

Ferrari Portofino Ferrari Portofino Ferrari Portofino Ferrari Portofino Ferrari Portofino Ferrari Portofino

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